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Bruuns Bazaar

“TRIMIT Fashion variant control is tailored to meet that exact demand for control of an almost immeasurable variation of products”. Teis Bruun, CEO, Bruuns Bazaar. Teis Bruun is one of the Bruun brothers and owners of Bruuns Bazaar, when asked about their IT system.

Controls an Immeasurable Amount of Product Variants

Bruuns Bazaar sells fashion wear for both men and women, and the products are divided into two brands: ”Bruuns Bazaar” aimed at aged 25+ customers, while ”BZR” is designed for the younger audience and a bit less costly.

Teis and Bjørn Bruun are the names of the two brothers behind the successful fashion company. TRIMIT Fashion has helped Bruuns Bazaar achieve the huge success by meeting some of their challenges. Teis Bruun explains that one of their main challenges was to keep control of the vast amount of product variants:

”We market a lot of products; I guess we have about 20 collections a year, each including about 1000 individual items, which are delivered in four color variants and five size variants. Altogether, this becomes an extremely large item assortment, which calls for a very robust IT-system to manage the entire process in an effective and intelligent way”.

The large amount of product variants, moreover, makes variant control crucial. “TRIMIT’s variant control is made to meet exactly this demand for control of an almost immeasurable variation of products”, says Teis Bruun, who is in charge of the administrative, financial and technological control-tasks in the company, whereas Bjørn Bruun is the creative part of the duo, dealing with the creation, fashion and design tasks.

Offers Crucial Knowledge

image"Furthermore, it is a huge benefit that TRIMIT Fashion makes it possible to draw reports from the system. This gives us instant knowledge of how sales in a certain geographical region are doing, what the average order (volume) in a given segment is, what the contribution margins of different productions are and much more”, Teis Bruun says, adding: ”A deviation of 1% in the contribution margin of a production can be very influential on the actual income. Thus, it is very valuable for us to be able to monitor the contribution margin in detail and gain knowledge as early as possible”.
Furthermore, Teis Bruun recalls their upgrade to a TRIMIT Fashion on Dynamics NAV: ”We had four very busy weeks that summer, when we converted from the old system to the new one. But everything went smooth. The TRIMIT partner, had a well prepared plan for the implementation which seemed professional and sharp”.

Helps Bruuns Bazaar Stay Ahead of Competition

According to Teis Bruun, intelligent IT is crucial in fashion com-panies’ perpetual strive to be ahead of competition and ensure future growth. In a fast growing business such as Bruuns Bazaar, there are a lot of challenges throughout the organization that would be merely impossible to solve without a flexible and ad-vanced IT system. With the high wages in Denmark, the need for automation of the processes becomes even more necessary.

Geared for 25% growth based on a safe IT platform

During the last 15 years Bruuns Bazaar has become very well known throughout the world and their ambition is to let the company grow even bigger. Bruuns Bazaar has shops in Copenhagen, Århus, Oslo and Stockholm; sales departments in France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain and they are represented in more than 1200 ”selling points” in 25 countries. Yet, the two brothers want to go even further. The goal is increased growth, which they aim to achieve by entering distant markets such as Japan, Korea and China.